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Leaks around your home can happen at any time, and pushing them off thinking they aren’t that big of a deal is often a homeowners solution. But leaks of any scale can cause major damage to your home and require the services of a reputable emergency plumber. O’Reiley’s Rooter Plumbing and Pumping Service, gives you an inside look into what happens when plumbing leaks aren’t fixed.

Water Bill Hikes

An increases in your water bill are a sure sign that you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Leaks, no matter how small, can cost you a fortune if not fixed on time.

Rodent Problems

Mice and rats love taking up residence in damp or wet areas and spotting more of them in or around your property can be a sure sign that you have a leak somewhere and you should address it immediately. After all, no one wants to live with rodents in their home.

Foul odor

You’re likely to notice a leak in your sewage system through a persistent foul odor. Sewage leaks that go unfixed can negatively affect your quality of life by causing unhygienic living conditions. Call O’Reiley’s Rooter Plumbing and Pumping Services today for an inspection of your home at no charge.

Mold Growth

Leaks in your sinks can cause mold to grow on the floor area around the sink, causing major damage to other surfaces around the area, not to mention the growth of harmful bacteria.

Constant sewer blocking

Although not easily detectable, leaks along your sewer line can cause sewer blockages that are caused by cracked or broken pipes. If you’re experiencing blockages in your sewer line even after cleaning your pipes, then you might be dealing with a leak causing obstructions to come in and block the system. Our technicians can easily identify this problem with our sewer camera. Call O’Reiley’s Rooter Plumbing and Pumping Service today to schedule your inspection.

Water line and Pipe repair

At O’Reiley’s Rooter Plumbing and Pumping Service we know how important water supply is to a functioning business or home. We all need fresh water for everyday use. When a problem occurs, we are here to help solve your problems. We offer water line replacement, and water pipe repair and we complete the task in a timely way.